Upcountry History Museum

Greenville, SC has some interesting museums and the Upcountry History Museum is getting to the top. The current traveling exhibits include a superb Ansel Adams exhibit which has some of his iconic images beautifully printed.Dr. Seuss (Ted Geisel) has kind of retrospective show which is amazing. Take the time to go see these exhibits. http://www.upcountryhistory.org/changing-exhibits/current-exhibits/

GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(35)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(32)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(14)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(18)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(15)GreenvilleUpcouintry History Museum04112017 (25)GreenvilleUpcouintry History Museum04112017 (11)GreenvilleUpcouintry History Museum04112017 (9)

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