Audiophile Dream Speakers

This blog is a departure from my usual photographic blog but it represents an experience I would like to share in hopes that there are some audiophiles on my blog list or some folks who might be stimulated to join that particular fray. Audio gear is like cameras in that they help reproduce a sensory experience, but this time it is sound and the owners are much like camera owners with a dedication to their favorite equipment approaching religious zeal.

As some of you know, I have owned a number of good speaker systems but my current speakers come the closest to reproducing real music as it sounds in the places in which it was recorded. And what are these? They are the Morrison Audio Model 19.1 speakers, an omnidirectional two way system in which the drivers are not sitting in a box, are of the highest quality and are generally supplied to be used with an active crossover. Don Morrison, the owner of Morrison Audio, has a long history of producing speakers which are actually fun to listen to. He is the designer/constructor of the speakers which feature 360degree radiation with a tuned box supporting but not enclosing the midrange/woofer and what is essentially a free standing tweeter. The woofer box has tuned tubes which damp out extraneous bass excursions which yields a clean, clear bass with no boom and notes you can actually hear. These speakers are the only speakers I have owned that reproduce the proper performance space, tambour, tonal accuracy,nuance and  pace of live music. A night at the concert followed by a listen at home to the same music recorded does not disappoint as it sounds as close to real as I have heard at home, in a friend’s house or store.

Morrison Audio is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which means that at the moment the prices are lower than usual because of the high value of the US dollar relative to the Canadian dollar.

If you are in the neighborhood and would like to hear them my email is and we could set up an appointment.

I may post some px later.

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