Natchez and the Longwood Plantation House

After we visited the old courthouse, my next photos were of the overlook into town from the courthouse and then on to Longwood Plantation House. All the plantations had magnificent homes to show off the owner’s wealth, though not necessarily good taste (by our “purer” and more modest standards). It was far from Bauhaus or IKEA but fun never-the-less. I never went in to the house but wandered around all sides to look more closely. Architecture always tweaks my is it color or black and white nerve.Memphis to New Orleans Trip-090757-EditMemphis to New Orleans Trip-090696Memphis to New Orleans Trip-090705Memphis to New Orleans Trip-090706Memphis to New Orleans Trip-090706-EditMemphis to New Orleans Trip-090719Memphis to New Orleans Trip-090719-EditMemphis to New Orleans Trip-090731-EditMemphis to New Orleans Trip-090722 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-090689

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